Forgot About Jae
Created by Darkheart One

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Chapter By Queue
Chapter 0: This Is *Not* An RECBT Clone. Really.
                   I Mean It! Stop Staring!
Chapter 1: Eating on the Run
Chapter 2: Hair, Sharp Objects, and Body Oil
Chapter 3: Healthy Competition
Chapter 4: Super Bestial Machine God: Saikyo-Cougar!
Chapter 5: Straight to Video Hijinx
Chapter 6: That's Just All Kinds of Wrong
Chapter 7: Andy's Firm Ass
Chapter 8: Fynal Fyters
Chapter 9: The Shoe Doctor Is In
Chapter 10: Residential Evil Zone
Chapter 11: JUSTICE, the World and Stuff
Chapter 12: Time and Tide
Chapter 13: Lemon-Aide
Chapter 14: I-no Sleep 'Til Brooklyn
Chapter 15: Silence of the *BAM*s
Chapter 16: Stirring Up Trouble
Chapter 17: Cross-dressing! JET!
Chapter 18: Oh Great, It's Him
Chapter 19: Groupies Muyo!
Chapter 20: Revenge, Revelations and Recollections
Chapter 21: No Mention of Grape Jelly
Chapter 22: Just a Nibble
Chapter 23: Picking at S.C.A.B.S.
Chapter 24: Sacrificial -LAMBS-
Chapter 25: Laundry Day
Chapter 26: Spoiler Space
Chapter 27: Blood From A Rock
Chapter 28: South Town Tour
Chapter 29: Breakfast of Champions
Chapter 30: Cracker Jack of Hearts
Chapter 31: Merry Christmas, Brian Battler!
Chapter 32: One Jillion Ways to Die
Chapter 33: Let's Do the Time Warp Again...
Chapter 34: Skin Trade
Chapter 35: Killer Queens
Chapter 36: Life Ain't Easy For A Boy Named Sue
Chapter 37: Restless Dreams
Chapter 38: What a Wonderful Nightmare
Chapter 39: The Old Song and Dance Routine
Chapter 40: That Loving Feeling
Chapter 41: The Return of the Curse of Geese's Ghost
Chapter 42: War of the 50-Foot Women
Chapter 43: What a Way to End Your Weekday
Chapter 44: It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Assassinated
Chapter 45: Killing Time with Marco Rodriguez
Chapter 46: Free as a Bird
Chapter 47: The Dark Quarterback Returns
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Fan Submissions Didn't I Have Another Son?, by black dub
Forgot About Jae logo, by Darkheart One
I have this condition..., by Gavok
The FAJ Cast List, also by Gavok.
Dumb And Dumber (commissioned work), by Jen Wong
Fynal Fyters, by NeroMan
Ryou Szakakazi by Gavok
The Pink God of Saikyo-Ryu, Dan the Taunting Man, by Zeroin

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