New Haven
Created by Thomas Wilde and James Howard

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Chapter By Queue
Scene 1-1: Eschaton Boulevard
Scene 1-2: Deadline
Scene 1-3: The Widening Gyre
Scene 1-4: City Hall
Scene 1-5: On Earth As It Is...
Scene 1-6: Crosstown Traffic
Scene 1-7: Nightfall
Scene 1-8: Conflict of Interests
Scene 1-9: Operation: Elimination
Scene 1-10: Infernal Mechanism
Scene 1-11: Technomancy for the Ages
Scene 1-12: Requiem: A Reconing in Three Parts
Scene 1-13: The Thirteenth
Scene 2-1: Global Deathworking
Scene 2-2: And then there was One
Scene 2-3: In the Name of Science...
Scene 2-4: The Eye of the Storm
Scene 2-5: Shiva Gets Jiggy with iT
Scene 2-6: Take Two Lives and Summon Me in the Mourning
Scene 2-7: Things Get Even More Worse
Scene 2-8: I Have Joined the Rapture, and All I Got Was This Chapter
Thomas Wilde and James Howard
Mark Poa
black dub
James Howard (2)
t. ogre
King in Yellow
Zeroin (2)
black dub (2)
Signus Megido
black dub (3) and t. ogre(2)
Jennifer Gatlin
Signus Megido
Signus Megido (2)
Signus Megido (3)

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Fan Submissions New Haven logo by Mark Poa
New Haven for Sim City 2000, with corresponding tileset by Zeroin
Six Degrees of Metaphysics by No one in particular
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