IFR: The Unusual Suspects

All entries are in the Writer Name - Episodes Appeared In format. A "v" after the episode number means that writer (but not necessarily that specific character - we've had evil clones, alternate avatars, and the like) acted as the villain.

For episode 011, we tried something a bit different. In honor of Halloween, the writers used alternate avatars, with a "dark" theme. Brief descriptions of those characters can be found here.

Please send any new or updated profiles to Kate; she'll try to include them with each new MSTing.

IFR Roll Call!
Aponar Kestrel - 001
Chaobino - 002, 003
Echo Albarn - 006, 007
Eslington - 008
Jonatan Streith - 002, 003, 004, 006, 007, 008, 009v
Kate Malloy - 003, 004, 005, 006v, 010
Madsman - 001
Magitek Master - 010
Majin - 007
Mark Poa - 001, 003, 004, 006, 007v, 009
Midnight Star - 010
Mr. Knht/Dr. Thinker - 005v, 006, 010
Mua - 008
NeoVid - 001, 002v, 004, 006, 008, 009, 010
Neo Vox - 004, 005
Ranma X. - 001, 002, 003, 004v, 005, 007, 008v, 009, 010
R. Jak - 004, 006, 007, 008, 010
Scott Schimmel - 006
S. D. Ryukage - 008, 009
Signus Megido/Skribulous - 001, 002, 003, 005, 006, 009
W4 - 001v, 002, 003v, 005
Zeek Silverfire - 005, 006, 007, 008, 009, 010v
zerosum - 006


Aponar Kestrel

Name: Aponar Kestrel

Age: Approximately 20. Acts either half that, or that and half again.

Height: 5'6.5

Location: Austin, Texas.

Appearance: brown eyes and hair, slightly oversize glasses framing an oft-unsettling stare; wears only blue or black and never both, preferring to avoid both the extremes (to him) of T-shirt/jeans and three-piece suits; carries an umbrella everywhere which often doubles as a parasol, walking stick, or bokken. Slightly pointed canines. When not in RL, often also wears a matching cape.

Personality: As his hyperactivity level is directly proportional to caffeine and sugar intake and inversely proportional to amount of sleep obtained recently, his personality may, at any given time, resemble that of any character from Shinji Ikari to Tom Servo by way of Katsuhiko Jinnai. The latter two are more frequent.

Riffing Style: Contrary to his appearance in the first ImproFicRoast, Aponar prefers dark or obscure riffs, noting that they're one and the same in Latin -- in fact, riffs involving other languages are his particular forte. Will on rare occasion make ecchi riffs, but only elliptically, and even then only if they are actually funny apart from being ecchi.

Quirks and Abilities:
- Absolutely no magical, spiritual, or psychic powers whatsoever.
- Could never be yelled at by Woofer for comma abuse. Ever.
- Is *not* addicted to caffeine. Can quit whenever he wants. Really. Where's my Jolt?



Name: Charles Boucher

Age: Sixteen

Height: Depends on shoes, or lack thereof. Around the mid Six-Feets.

Location: The Tri-Village Area, (Chester, Derry, Salem) occaisionally Dream City.

Appearance: Charles is extremely pale, and wears tinted glasses so nobody can see his red eyes. He is, after all, albino, and not really too proud of it. He usually wears a long black bath robe that covers his entire body, with the sleeves coming down an extra foot. When doing anything official, he usually wears a long overcoat with the Mark of Torment sewn on the back, a black t-shirt with either a game's logo or a Libertarian/Anarchistic statement, and black cargo pants.

Personality: Charles is driven, as many male high-schoolers are, by the persuit of Nookie and entertainment. When he doesn't get either, he can become violent, sarcastic, and dark. If he's going on a steady supply of those, he's unusually cheery, although he still likes to mock whatever he finds ignorant or useless.

Riffing Style: He usually does it depending on his mood. He can and will do mild dark when frustrated, mild hentai all the time, and general riffing. He never will do grammer riffs, and if he does, he will say that "It was like someone else took control of (him) and made (him) horribly OOC"

- Seems to annoy Sig. Or Skrib. He can't tell them apart.
- Occaisonally is possessed by Grammer Riffing Demons (AKA other riffers ^^). He always apologizes afterwards.
- Sometimes flirts with girls other than his girlfriend for fun. She doesn't mind. (Note: Thanks, Erika!)


Echo Albarn

Name: Echo Albarn (Don't ask how I got the name)

REAL Name: Steven John Sulzer ('Steve' is preferable)

Age: 18 (The age of responsibility, though I'm usually the only one who gets in trouble for being irresponsible)

Height: 5'6"ish

Weight: 150ish

Location: Northeastern Pennsylvania. Soon-to-be Freshman at Penn State Hazleton.

Appearance: Imagine "Breakfast Club"-era Anthony Michael Hall, given dark brown hair with the attitude of an Overfiend when it comes to staying in place. Grey Eyes, hidden behind thick grey-tinted glasses. Perpetual beard stubble, simply from laziness. Constantly wears a beat-up army jacket sans insignia, over an anime T-shirt of some sort. Jeans and sneakers complete the outfit. The jacket has hammerspace pockets, but all that are ever pulled out of there are just electronic equipment of many kinds (no weapons), and the ubiquitous CD collection.

Personality: If there was ever a word to describe Echo, it would be introspective. Introspective and self-deprecating. *Two* words to describe him would be introspective, self-deprecating, and sarcastic.

Okay, enough with the Monty Python schtick.

Echo is a rather gloomy person, but hopelessly optimistic. That is, optimistic when it comes to everyone else's chances. Echo, of course, still believes that he is worthless. He has a scathing sarcastic streak though, and that (along with his music, a hopeless addiction) helps him through.

Riffing Style: Echo brings up obscure references quite often, but his biggest strengths lie in skits (his personal favorite being the "Why a [source of fic we're roasting]/[something else] crossover won't work" sketch), and being able to tie a song to almost any line. Unfortunately for the other riffers, Echo enjoys singing. Out loud. Any instance that might bring up Echo's inferiority complex will cause him to mention it.

- Depression ("It's not self-pity, it's self-loathing. There's a difference.")
- Sings. Really obscure songs. Quite often.
- Badfic author. And feels *real* guilty about it.
- Deep. Zen-like statements stave off further depression.



Name: Eslington

AKA: Ekkun, Eslington-kun, Esli-kun, That long-haired freak.

Height: 175cm

Mass: 70kg

Appearance: Eslington has shoulder-length unstyled brown hair and grey-green eyes. He has been described as cute by some. Always wears slightly faded blue jeans and a white V-neck T-shirt. Tends to wear a dark blue denim shirt over the T-shirt depending upon ambient temperature. Normally carries a black and white golfing umbrella.

Personality: Normally shy and quiet, but can be quite excitable and could probably be desribed as "eccentric". Quite nice, but somewhat naieve and idealistic.

Riffing style: No real specialisation. Uses voice imitation a lot. Also uses hentai riffs, but not to excess.

- Always keeps a blue HB pencil behind his right ear.
- Likes cats and catpeople.
- Uses metric measurements and is easily confused by Imperial measurements.
- Always uses English spellings.


Jonatan Streith

Name: Jonatan Streith

Age: 21

Height: 174 centimetres last time I measured.

Location: Varies. Usually lives in Sweden, but sometimes visits Indie Madnesse studios. Regularily attends parties. Can also be found at various other locations as needs be.

Appearance: Jonatan is of average build, with messy dark-brown hair that is always held in check with a bandanna, and brown eyes (no glasses). Usually somewhat unshaven. Usually sports black pants and a brick-red t-shirt with a bullseye on it. Occasionally, but very rarely, wears a yellow jumpsuit covered with patches, badges, and random items (such as pins, chains, post-it notes, Elder Signs, and small plushies). Always wears a bandanna around his head.

Personality: Relaxed, calm and laid-back, with occasional bouts of energy. He can also display extremely excentric behavior at times, if it's fun and he feels like it. Jonatan is a pacifist; he doesn't take up physical violence against the other riffers unless it is REALLY called for. He doesn't care much about others.

Riffing style: He's cornered the market on hentai riffs, although he doesn't mind too much if someone else pioneers. He also makes outlandishly weird scenes and obscure riffs, and carries a few personal riffs as well. He considers himself above grammar riffs.

-Totally indestructible. No kind of physical force seems to harm him. This is good, since he tends to receive enough beatings per episode to cover a whole season.
-Mischievous and annoying.
-Posesses a phletora of items upon his person, including a remote control that drops stuff on people. This is mainly used to annoy them rather than to actually hurt them.
-Occasionally drinks himself mindlessly insober in order to lessen the suffering from the fic. He's not an alcoholic, though, and only drinks on special occasions. His personal belief is that if you don't know when to stop, you shouldn't start in the first place.


Kate Malloy

Name: Kate Malloy

Age: 23 (not that she ever acts like it ^_^)

Height: 5'8"

Location: Here, there, and everywhere. Well, actually, Maryland. How else would she get so good at jousting? ^_~

Appearance: Mid neck-length, usually messy, reddish-brown hair; blue eyes with glasses. Has been known to wear either purple Dragoon armor (think Final Fantasy games) or her Team K outfit (like James' Team Rocket outfit, only with a big red K instead of a big red R). Lately, she's taken to just wearning ordinary clothes. Usually armed; in Dragoon mode (and normal mode) she's got a lance; in Team K mode she's got a rather unusual deck of Triple Triad cards.

Personality: Kate is generally upbeat and cheerful, though not disgustingly so. It seems as if she has a secret stash of caffeine that she drinks from before every riffing. She tends to get annoyed at various other riffers and spear/slash/bonk/smack whatever them with her weapon; they don't get seriously hurt, of course, but it makes her feel better. She's quite the Final Fantasy fan ("It's not just a game; it's a way of life!"), an expert Triple Triad player, and a huge Irvine Kinneas fangirl. Oh, and please don't mention the evil clone incident.

Riffing Style: Makes lots of Final Fantasy references. Will probably team up with R. Jak on the Fraundorf references. Does the occasional (okay, more than occasional) grammar riff, although she tries not to get too hung up on them. Doesn't actually make hentai riffs, although from time to time she'll be caught thinking them. (See her exchange with Jonatan in Episode 003.)

- A grammar riffer, unfortunately.
- Her extreme Irvine (and occasionally other FF guys) fangirlism.
- That whole FF obsession thing, for that matter.
- Being the sole female riffer for a while, apparently some of the guys supposedly developed crushes on her. Now that she isn't the only one, that might change.



Name: Amadeo Garcia III

Age: 17

Height: 5'2"

Location: The Philippines, home to the most notorious terrosrist group this side a' da world! Not that we're proud of it, or anything. ^^;;;

Appearance: Rather spartan in build, but no muscleman. Kinda lanky, actually. Has short, usually combed black hair. Brown eyed, though not in charming way that most brown-eyed people seem to have ;_;. Before, he wears a normal turtleneck and jeans. However, recently, like Kate, has taken a liking to Final Fantasy outfits. His is of a mime found in Final Fantasy Tactics (large, yellow and red sweater, brown helmet, aviation goggles, etc.). Carries nothing. But has what looks like a six-pack of Coke by his side at all times.

Personality: Mads is... weird. May seem intelligent and composed one moment, and then childish and ignorant the next.Cheerful and happy almost all of the time. The rest of the time, he's either angsty or sad, though it's usually the latter. Seldom gets annoyed, and has an open mind. Is an ardent disciple of beautiful anime women. Almost NOTHING seems to disgust him.

Riffing Style: Hasn't riffed enough times to develop a real style of any kind. Usually just goes with what's obvious, or whatever seems funny.

- scribbles and doodles unintelligible patterns on paper and tries to pass it off as anime
- a Coke fiend
- rather hyper at times
- has no taste in what he watches and reads whatsoever, especially if it is anime
- has no taste in what kind of anime he is especially fond of
- has no taste in music whatsoever either (noticing a correspondence by now? ^_-)
- quite accident prone (let me put it this way, on a good day, nobody gets hurt... too badly. On a normal day, it would do well not to stay too close to him. On a bad day, it would do well not to stay in the same building as him)
- you know what the funny thing is? He doesn't speak Japanese
- can easily be gotten rid of/made to keel over by saying "Yaoi"


Magitek Master

Names/Titles: Grand Lord of Magitek Energy, World Savior, Technological Genius, Face, Maggi (Do NOT call her this to her face if you wish to live)

Age: Roughly 67,052,000 years old.

Height: Each eye is 1.5 meters diameter, mouth is 3 meters wide, halo 1 foot diameter. All together: 9 feet tall, 12 feet wide.

Location: Usually either saving the world (Argos), wandering around, or working on things at Magitek Palace.

Appearance: She's weird looking. She is just a really wide, lipless mouth, two yellow eyes, and a glowing gold halo. The inside of her mouth is essentially like hammerspace, and she has a machine in there which sports dozens of Inspector Gadget-esque hands which can go out of her mouth to manipulate things. She's got thousands of tiny, needle like teeth jutting from the edges of her mouth. Her bite is easily powerful enough to tear through adamantium or Gundanium, so keep the expensive stuff away from her teeth. Her eyes can range from that sparkly magic girl look to bloodthirsty demon in an instant.

Personality: Extremely nuerotic, she overreacts to almost everything. She loves cheese to the point of obsession, and is very protective of any cheese products near her. She hates hentai, and tends to be very violent towards those who make yuri riffs. She tends to ignore yaoi comments; she is a fangirl at heart. Somewhat of an RPG freak, MM is on close contact with many RPG characters. She gets angry quickly, and does not take kindly to being corrected.

Riffing Style: Magitek Master is very analytical, and doesn't take well to bad grammar. She's been exposed to PJ stuff, so she's no newbie to hentai. She also lives with Zetazsol, so she's learned to cope. Ghuval (the God of Light) granted her the power of being completely immune to the super powers of any SI, something she is happy for daily. She is a hentai basher, and will become increasingly violent as the fics go on. She explodes in a shower of packing peanuts and cheese if exposed to enough hentai, though. Grammar, song riffs, RPG refs, silly stuff, and SI flaming are her traits.

- Hates DBZ, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon.
- Dislikes UY, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, AMG, any other shoujo series besides Card Captor Sakura.
- Likes CCS, Gundam Wing (Quatre. Wai! ^_^), Trigun, Slayers, Macross, and Miyazaki films.
- Goes ballistic if someone comments on her being a "wimp", "weakling", "loser", etc. This usually results in the severe pain for the commentator.
- Eyebeams those who dabble with hentai.
- Hates Felixman, Gonterman, and PJ.
- Likes Infamous Boss Reo, Dr. Thinker, and all MiSTies coast to coast.
- Has a thing for DiGimon. Don't ask why.
- Has saved the known universe from the lord of hatred, Atma (aka Dark Ghuval).
- Often makes references to the "gods" of her world, mainly Mystra (God of Machines) and Ghuval (God of Light).
- Used to be able to transform into a succubus-like humanoid, but stopped doing so when she attracted the attention several hentais.
- Says "Blarg!"



Name: Majin

Age: 21

Height: 5'7"

Location: Texas

Appearance: Curly, brown hair covered by a tan cap with the word "PIONEER" embroydered on it worn backwards (got it a Boy Scout camp if any one is wondering). His wardrobe consists of one of the following combinations: a white polo shirt with a black vest and slacks, a beat up denim jacket and jeans with with a white "Japan Festival/ Nihon Matsuri" t-shirt, or a navy dragon t-shirt with an XXL Hawaiian type shirt with kanji and an anime type guy drawing a katana on it instead of flower print and denim jeans. He is also always wears a pair of brown Rockport hicking boots.

Personality: His personality consists of extremes. Sometimes he will be increadibly cheerful and silly while other times he'll be just oozing seriousness and angst. He also has a little bit of a violent streak.

Riffing Style: Music refferences, impressions and an anti-hentai. He also tends to do shameless plugs. Occasional dark riffs.

- Horrible speller.
- His music refs don't just pertain to pop/rock/etc. but also musicals.
- RPG fanatic.
- Uses cartoon physics(but not psycology) when in his goofy moods.
- "Addicted" to Mellon Soda and Calpis.
- Really bad at spelling.


Mark Poa

Name: Mark Poa

Age: 18 (though looks like a 16 year old)

Height: 5'6

Original Location: Manila, Philippines

Impro Location: Indie Madnesse studio regular, though occasionally hangs around the FAQing Hostile Studio and the H!Flash nightclub ^_~

Appearance: Short, black hair; wears glasses that makes him look more nerdy than necessary ^_^ ; common attire is a polo shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers; may sometimes carry a small hand-held computer (although not true in RL)

Personality: Mark is best described as annoyingly cheerful most of the time. ^_^ He is a pretty normal guy who may act a little hyper and easily excited. However, as a future-CPA-in-schooling, he can sometimes lapse into a serious, moddy, "don't bother me, I'm busy" type of demeanor. That is one reason why he likes hanging around a wacky place, to retain his valued sense of humor. :P Another thing: he really dislikes getting hurt and is an all-around nice guy, making him a potential contender for the Shinji Ikari award. ^_^;

Riffing style: Mixed bag. Mark is relatively new to the MSTing gig, and has no specialization as of now. He may utter a grammar/spelling riff, a DC-comics ref, a hentai riff, a smart-alec remark...whatever strikes his fancy.

-annoyingly cheerful most of the time ^_^ -Cannot say no to a girl (unless it involves getting hurt, then his survival instincts supercede his chivalrous nature.)
-Cannot curse well. (DANG it!)
-Believes things easily, sometimes to the point of being naively gullible.


Midnight Star

Name: Midnight Star

Age: 17 (acts like she is 7 if really hyper)

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Appearance: A cat-girl who wears a plugsuit, but doesn't pilot an eva. Has silver hair and ashen blue eyes. She is a bit short - in the range of 5 foot something. Has black wings which may be wrapped around her waist or arched if she doesn't want to retract them into her back. She can morph into an 18 foot midnight blue dragon or a chibi dragon. She will go into chibi dragon form if Signus is near or just to be cute, or will go into normal dragon morph if she has to crispify someone.

Personality: Midnight Star is somewhat shy, but can get easily hyper around other energetic people or if she has has had too much caffeine. Not easily annoyed unless she is really tired and will then either sic a few man-eating furbies or bean someone in the head with an ocarina. She is a bit clueless on some anime and games. She is also a little bit hentai. Not as bad as the guys. Midnight Star is sometimes flustered around some guys (namely NeoVid =^__^=) like W4 when he blushes from a female hugging him. ^_^ Slightly sane. The rest of it was lost after reading some (P)a(J)amas fics.

Riffing style: She will make a riff on a missing body parts, yaoi, or yuri if there is a chance and crack a few hentai riffs. Possibly might crack a few grammar ones. She will probaly team up with NeoVid or another hentai male for hentai riffs.


Mr. Knht/Dr. Thinker

Name: Mr. Kngt

Age: Unknown

Location Founded: ZZZRF.

Favorite Thing: Surfing the Web.

Favorite Show: Pokemon.

Favorite Fan-Fictions: Anything by Dr. Thinker Mr. Kngt (King-It), wears a blue hat and red pant, gold belt with a sliver location, yellow shoes. Mr. Kngt has a magic version of a Nintendo's Game Boy Color, that he can lunch out different things at them. Mostly like, it would a Pokemon from either, Red, Blue, or Yellow. Depsite is powers, he nevers give himselves to real another langues.

Name: Dr. Thinker

Job: Mad Writer

Height: 6"

Weight: 100 lbs.

Location: Akron, Ohio. But you might find him in "SMAV's vault" or in the IRFHQ board.

Dress: Dr. Thinker has a yellow trenchcoat overing a rotton brown labcoat which over either a Scoody-Doo or Pokemon shirt. His pants are very bagged and he usually wears sneakers.

Voice: He's pleasing to the ear, if you can understand him.

Helpers: A robot named Diane. Daine looks like a combined of Tom, Crow, Gyspsp and Alpha 5. Daine is Dr. Thinker's TV Franks to his Dr. Forrester.



Name: Mua

AKA: The Koosh Ball of Death

Height: About 2" tall.

Weight: About a pound or two.

Picture the little Choas form Sonic Adventure. Picture a Koosh ball. Now, cross-breed them, and add a Pokemon-ish personality to them, and you get Mua. The perfect kiddie toy: Cute, high voice, funny, slightly naive, great at parties, plays great electric guitar (hell yeah). Unfortunately, in his design, there was one, small fluke: If he don't get what he wants, he'll get angry. VERY angry. So angry, in fact, he will scream "INSTANT DEATH!", transform into a raging black demonish kind of dude, and kill everything in sight. Other then that small detail, he's great. He also has a fair share of dirty jokes, but not that many. Oh, yeah, and he always, always refers to himself in the 3rd person.



Name: NeoVid

Age: Two thousand something. What, you thought he was human?

Home: No one's sure.

Home Away From Home: Anywhere that doesn't throw him out too soon.

Appearance: Generally 6'1" and about 185 lbs, though that's about as stable as everything else about him. Black hair slicked into a ponytail, disturbed eyes, and multiracially dark. Wears round wire-rim glasses, which he rarely remembers he's wearing, grey jeans, hiking boots, a t-shirt that has a constantly changing illustration/message, and a reality fracture that looks like a piece of the night sky as a jacket.

Personality: Out of his twisted little mind. He rarely thinks like a normal person, and usually says whatever he's thinking. He doesn't bother with Fourth Wall limitations, either. Basically, he's an overpowered S-I who snapped. Surprisingly easy to get along with, though. And close to impossible to make angry. And despite his riffing style, he doesn't act hentai. Oh yeah, if you're wondering how he ditched his sidekick to do these... not telling.

Riffing Style: He has two specialties: Warped hentai, and rewriting sentences in the fic. Also, he does EXACT imitations of the characters' voices when he does these. He can do any type of riff, though. He's an expert at puns, will make grammar riffs (but only if he can make a real joke, not just point them out), and makes OCRs to games, anime and other MSTs. He's really bad at song references.

-Almost everything about him is a quirk
-Unkillable S-I with Chaos powers
-Likes other abnormal types (how I mean 'likes' can be left to the imagination)
-Nosells any serious poundings
-Keeps stuff most people can't imagine in his jacket's inner pocket.


Neo Vox

Name: Neo Vox

Age: Fifteen, sixteen in May.

Home: Worcester, England.

Apperance: Neo Vox is about 6ft tall, slight build with black hair, with tanned skin. His wardrobe can be classifed as Chinese Triad meets Matrix: Black Ray-Bans, black silk shirt with a red dragon motif on the back, black T-shirt with a NIN logo, black comfort fit jeans and black Airwalk boots.

Personality: Neo Vox is a typical teenager with a slightly twisted personality. He can do many types of riffing moderately, bt excels in some areas. He also has a habit of getting attracted to any pretty women he sees,and would mindlessly try to chat her up if he let himself slip.

Riffing Style: Singing as a riff, and can be obscure, referring to games, TV shows, fanfics and movies like RanmaX does dark riffs. Dabbles in light hentai and shounen-ai(boy's love) gags too. his favourite techniques are riffs involving singing and pointing out any undertones of relationship between two characters, whatever their gender.

-Occasionaly sings the Sampo song, with altered lyrics about typos, when ever he spots a typo in the fic.
-Often imitates the fanfic characters trying to flirt with other MSTers.


Ranma X.

Name: Ranma X.

AKA: Ranma X.
BKA: Ranma X.

Age: 18

Height: About 6' (in Dave Barry Terms).

Location: Usually haunts the underground locales of Southern Florida. Can be found from a Goth club to raves to a good old fashioned Cuban Cafeteria. Enjoys the beach a lot. He is also rumoured to be moving to the much colder locale of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Appearance: Has a ponytail as opposed to his namesake's pigtail. Jeans, a black shirt, and sunglasses. Sneakers or boots present. May, if weather deems it necessary, have a black leather jacket or trenchcoat.

Personality: Bordering on Dementia and/or Manic Depression. Usually is not too happy about MiSTing due to his tastes for legible matierial. When in a good mood, he's usually very nice, especially to the opposite sex, though he does go hentai ocasionally.

Riffing style: Is slightly unfairly cast as the dark riff person, but usually embraces classification with a smile. He also likes obscure references and will join in a silly song or odd observations on plot.

-Tends to go insane during long, pedantic stories.
-Willing and able to kick the living snot out of anyone.
-Sensible literary tastes.
-Is a closet Shoujo fan.
-Is not obssessed with the Final Fantasy saga.
-Is not bishounen.
-Can make okonomiyaki.


R. Jak

Handle: Ripper Jak (Prefers the name R. Jak to avoid confusion with some notorious Victorian "psychopath"

Name: Ryan Jakobi (presumed false name for security reasons)

Age: 20

Height: 79 inches.

Location: Joopy X homebase, 100,000 meters underneath Hurlbert AFB, Ft Walton Beach, FL.

Backstory: After a long association with an underground resistance group known only as the "Ruffiani", Ryan gained permission from the leader, Ministri Vigoda, to pursue other various subversive projects. Working from a secret lab, he has been familiar with the MiSTing community for several years. It was by an accident that he came across W4's henious experiments and got involved with IFR. But frankly, he enjoys every minute of it.

Appearance: Pseudo-goth/hacker style. Dark brown hair, Citan Uzuki style glasses, slate gray trenchcoat. Regular gear varies between urban camoflauge pants and shirt and Capellan Confederation shirt and jeans.

Personality: Surprisingly calm. Not entirely phased by unusual fanfic situations (due to the fact that he has seen quite his share of bizarre American and Japanese cartoon hentai fanfics in his short career). Once you get to know him, he's pretty nice.

Supposed pals: Good buddies with Jon and Thinker (or respective alias). Has secret crush on Kate (or does he? ^_-)

Riffing style: May be called upon to do grammar riffs, but is more concerned with story logic. Look for a couple of Monty Python and Fritz Fraundorf refs thrown about too.

-Tends to go insane during long, pedantic stories.
-Addicted to Battletech, Macross, Gundam, and other cartoons or games involving big robots with big, big guns.
-Tends to believe the Fritz Fraundorf interpretation of Final Fantasy VII (i.e. Yuffie killed Aeris, not Sephiroth.)
-He has bouts of "Gonterman's Disease" once in a while. Specifically, he finds himself physically attracted to anthropomorphic ("furry") characters of the opposite sex at rather inopportune times. Once during a viewing of "A sorcerer, a demon, and Emeralds", he temporarily erected a shrine to Kefka. So if IFR brings out a Sonic fanfiction in the future, do not be surprised if he declares his love for Princess Sally.


Scott Schimmel

Name: Scott Schimmel

Age: 23 (but still immature ^_^)

Height: 5'10"

Location: Lives in a little world of his own, but he can sometimes be found in Pennsylvania.

Appearance: Fairly short, sandy blond hair, green eyes (one of the, apparently, few Impro-ers who doesn't wear glasses/contacts). Tends to wear black or blue denim, and a very bright cloak whose colors shift and swirl randomly. Produces other props as needed.

Personality: Scott is cynical, laconic, easily amused, not easily frightened or angered, and vacillates wildly between dry and silly humor styles. He's a huge shoujo fan, a bit of a hentai, and resides quite cheerfully in the State of Insanity. Occasionally he exhibits a bit of a hybrid British/Japanese accent, which is quite odd considering he's only ever spent a week or so in Britain, and no time whatsoever in Japan.

Riffing Style: Lots of obscure and not-so-obscure movie references, lots of plays on words, and occasional hentai riffs, although he does try not to go overboard. Too far. No, really. Honest. Also does grammar riffs, section-separator riffs, and generally anything he thinks might be funny.

Quirks: Too numerous to list, but for a start: He doesn't get angry, doesn't know where that fine line is (or doesn't care and repeatedly crosses it anyway; it's hard to say), and has the irritating habit of not staying dead, incapacitated, hurt, or otherwise QUIET for very long.


S. D. Ryukage

Name: Shadow Dragon "S.D." Ryukage

A.K.A.: Shady, S.D., Steph

Age: Looks somewhere between 13 and 18

Height: 5'9"

Location: Varies. Sometimes Shadow Dragon's Nexus (a tower on the edge of reality), sometimes Dream City, sometimes New Jersey.

Appearance: Long, straight dark hair (in a ponytail, it comes down to the base of her spine). Almond-shaped amethyst eyes, dark skin, elf-ears. (She's half-dark elf, half-black dragon.) Typically has black dragon's-wings (silver undersides), but these can be made to vanish, and always wearing the Masamune (not that Masamune, an enchanted sword by the same name) strapped to her back. Vaguely androgynous-looking. Invariably wears black and silver, sometimes a few other colors; typically slacks, long-sleeved shirt, vest, boots that come up to her knees, gloves to the elbows (underneath the sleeves, though), and a belt with various types of knives in it.

Personality: It changes. Mostly, S.D.'s serious and logical. She's a yaoi fanatic, though, and can get incredibly surreal at times (i.e., the blitzed Touga pole-dancing riff). She can also be rather violent (like the time she sliced NeoVid in half lengthwise). Very hard to disgust or disturb, but easy to irritate.

Riffing Style: References to many more common anime, or ones that have been dubbed and put on TV (Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Card Captor Sakura - not Cardcaptors! - Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon - especially the later seasons - Tenchi Muyo, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, and Slayers NEXT/TRY are the most common.) Has a habit of shapechanging into various characters, occasionally original (but rarely). Likes to quote things - past MSTs (even ones she hasn't been in), anime, manga, books, television, movies, fanfiction, etc. About the only thing she doesn't quote regularly are video games. Dark/angsty riffs are common, and yaoi ones even more so. Anti-hentai for truly disgusting things (lolicon, bestiality, rape, etc), and canon riffer. Also interpreter of incoherency (Thinkerese, some SWAP4P lines, etc.)

- Multiple personalities. Almost any riff meant to be spoken as a character will result in her changing into that character, and she may start arguing with characters as voices in her head.
- Quote fanatic. She'll quote anything.
- Hopeless Mikage Souji, Xellos Metallium, and Yue fangirl. Ditto for a good many dark, serious, angsty bishonen (double-check with me if you're not sure).
- Equally hopeless October Project fangirl. (They're a band that had to break up, but they did great songs.)
- Occasionally disturbing. Will do and say things one would not expect from a person like her, typically just for the expressions on people's faces.
- Will attempt to translate anything someone professes not to know the meaning of, be it Thinkerese, blatant lack of a proofreader, or a foreign language. She's good at languages. - Gets homicidal at the slightest implication someone's going to make fun of her name with a chibi/superdeformed joke. (As does her writer. This is not a joke.)
- Don't say the words 'Gingerbread' or 'Millennium' around her. Or, for that matter, start singing Sarah McLachlan's 'I Will Remember You'. Trust me on this one.


Signus Megido

Assumed Name: Signus Megido

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Height: Tall, stocky Asian-American

Current Whereabouts: Unknown

Contact Information: He can be spotted in the following areas: Indie Madnesse Studios; Improfanfic HQ; raam; The starship Zeitgeist Eggbeater; raac; Ultradome; and MaRaMaLa's Lair, among other places.

Appearance: Slick black hair in a neat, clean cut style. Eyes are a dark blue, almost black and always looks as if a heavy weight is on him. Wears an unbuttoned plain brown long coat or leather jacket over a dark blue turtleneck shirt, and loose black slacks and black heavy boots.

Personality: A brooding young man who does not seem to belong. He is bitter, cynical, scathing, sarcastic, moody, and generally unpredictable. However, this DOES NOT mean he is antisocial in any way, and actually manages to be friendly to new people and be curt and cordial to everyone he meets. Spiteful and vengeful, he will find ways and means to get back at any perceived wrongs, but he never keeps grudges after the 'debt' is 'paid', and actually becomes best of friends with his former foes.

Riffing Style: In a twisted parody of the Author Avatar SI Dragon (Skribulous) that he is bound to, Signus does not have his own 'style' when it comes to riffing, but can riff in any method that the other riffers can. He is the main culprit of those instances when the other MSTiers experience OOC moments. The only riffing method he can claim as his own brand is making VERY obscure references to anime, games, other MSTs and occasionally pop culture. He is also known to initiate attacks against other MSTiers as reprisals for especially bad riffs.

-mostly depressed and angsty
-exposits a lot (in a way that would make Ayame proud)
-has Evil Overlord tendencies (in a way that would make Villyn proud)
-can cancel any other MSTiers' quirks (forces them to sell obvious no-sells)
-keeps various Weapons of Mass Destruction (tm)
-can cast any spell known in anime existence



Name: W4

AKA: The Mad Dr. Kichigaisakka W4

Age: 23. He's an old fart. 8)

Home: La Mesa, CA

Home Away From Home: Indie Madnesse Studios

Appearance: 5'11". About 200 lbs. Brown, uncombed hair. Brown eyes. Glasses. White jeans. Black T-shirt. Green lab coat if he's being evil; white button-down shirt (unbuttoned) otherwise.

Personality: A hybrid mix of Dr. Forrester, TV's Frank and some poor schmoe who doesn't get out much. As a villain, he tries to be evil and witty. But he's accident-prone, he blushes around women very easily, and he generally looks really goofy.

Riffing Style: Potpurri. W4 doesn't have any particular specialty. He could/can go from a hentai riff to a Shakespeare quote and then to a fanfic-logic-based riff with little-to-no trouble.

-Blushes easily around women
-Damn goofy >8D
-Cannot stand Akane Tendo and girls like her


Zeek Silverfire

Name: Zeek Silverfire

Age: 20

Height: 5'8 or so

Weight: 150 lbs

Appearance: A lean ninja person, who's usually been having bitter amusement fiddling with the technology he was able to steal, which is currently in Torture Theatre. When he actually got caught, he was stunned... Notes say the Z-bot slammed into the screen. He wears ablack and white ninja suit.

Riffing style - Slowly pulls apart stuff and likes parodying writings in sub ways. But willing to do anything, depending on his mood.



Name: Jason McCulley

AKA: zerosum

Appearance: 5'11", 160#, Short dark brown hair in spiky flattop. Wears a black suit jacket, black slacks, and black combat boots. Silver Elder Sign pendant around neck.

Location: Eugene, OR, USA, NorAm

Sightings: #improfanfic, various message boards, Indie Madnesse Studios.

Personality: Confused. Wants to fit in, so will play off of what others are doing. This may lead to problems if he steps on some toes. Not as clever as he thinks he is. May appear depressed, but this is due mainly to near-perpetual blankness of expression. Not as pompous as he sounds.

Riffing Style: Can do grammar/spelling comments/jokes, froth at the mouth about illogic, quote random things, sing, drool at short-skirted women, etc...

- Says 'Indeed'. A lot. Maybe too much.
- Believes himself to be immortal.
- Occasionally channels his one worshipper, an insane being named Joseph, who speaks entirely in non sequiturs.
- Smokes. Without being lit on fire. (rimshot)
- *Very* occasional use of the [Brackets] of [Power]

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