IFR: The Episode 011 Irregulars

Camael - S. D. Ryukage

Name: Camael, quasi-Renegade Habbalite of nobody in particular

Description: Formerly an Elohite of Judgement (angel), created around Gabriel, Archangel of Fire's heresy trial. He thought Dominic, AA of Judgement, wasn't right, so he started researching Nikki's past trials. And found things like the trial of Michael, AA of War. And Uriel, AA of Purity, running the Purity Crusades without opposition. By the time Eli, AA of Creation, left Heaven, Cam was Fallen from Judgement-dissonance.

He's been on Earth for a while now, keeping up the Role as Alecto O'Connor, private detective, and doing his best to avoid Heaven and Hell alike. He's very cynical and generally irritated with the world, and gets emotional when Gabriel, Dominic, and/or Michael is mentioned. He's also probably the only Habbalite to realize that he's a demon - and is the only one who literally can't Redeem. Most Superiors on both sides are trying to track him down for various reasons, but he's made arrangements with Lilith, Demon Princess of Freedom, to keep the Princes off his back.

Riffing Style: Dark riffs, rants, and OCR's - especially the really old ones. Occasionally pointing out the sheer illogic of things.

Notes: As a Habbalite, he's a projective empath - read: he can push his emotions onto other people. He's also obsessed with Fire, and the differences between 'judgement' and 'justice'.

Cipherman - NeoVid

Appearance: He's an almost abnormally tall and thin black guy, who has a black costume with dark green accents. He was originally a police investigator, who gained superpowers, and is now an information broker. He's superhumanly smart, quick thinking, charismatic and manipulative. He has a perfect memory, and is a cyberpath... so he'll probably know anything that's ever been online.

Personality: Despite the MegaCharisma, he's actually got a naturally dislikable personality. He's exremely superior and smug, and emotionally detached. He's right all the time, of course, and on the rare occasions when he's proven wrong, he'll still dismiss other opinions, with statements along the lines of "Spare me your semantics." But because of his powers, people can't help but like him anyway, once he's had a chance to talk to them.

Riffing Style: Tons of references, as well as Editor From Hell(tm)-styled riffs.

Malla Thorne - Jonatan Streith

Malla Thorne, Risen. That's 'zombie' for you non-Wraith playing people. Not the brainless, brain-eating decomposing kind, though.

Formerly a political activist and university student, she gained wraithhood by means of a nervous mugger with a gun and a quick trigger. This did not please her much, nor did the subsequent treatment of her mortal remains. (Being dumped in the sewers is not a good replacement for a funeral.) After managing to learn the techniques of Rising from the Guild of Puppeteers, she returned to the Skinlands and went to get a combo serving of sweet revenge on her murderer. She's staying because there's still lots of murderers and nasty people that needs to be removed.

Like all of the Dead, Malla constantly has to contend with the presence of her Shadow, Misery. (Think voice in the head. Think nasty but crafty voice in the head which hates you and wants to see you suffer. Think nasty voice that can take control of you, as well as do a lot of other things other than just talk. That's a Shadow.) Misery is currently cooped up in Malla's Conduit, a black cat named Liberty. It's not a nice kitty anymore.

Malla is also a practitioner of Puppetry, Inhabit, Lifeweb and Serendipity, and kudos if you know what those are.

Riffing Style: Dry humor, sarcastic, points out stupidity, and some other traits that will show up.

Nivla Tobalik - Mark Poa

Name: Nivla Tobalik

Description: He's a Necromancer from the Diablo II world. Currently, he's a middle level for his class, meaning he can only summon the occasional Golem or Skeleton and fire a few Teeth spells. He wears the tradional uniform of his class (check out Torg's halloween costume in current Sluggy Freelance episodes for a better picture [/plug]), has long black hair, and pointy ears. Another striking feature is his black eyeballs and red pupils.

History: Trained in the dark arts of his class, Nivla Tobalik looked to easily rank among the best of the new generation of Necromancers. Unfortunately for the hopes of his teachers however, Nivla has yet to solve his greatest fear: his fear of bugs. Seeing as how bugs are an integral part of many Necromancer spells, Nivla has time and again experimented with substitutes for these insects... with unexpected results. Voted the "Most Likely to Turn Himself into a Golem" by his peers, Nivla nonetheless started on his quest against Diablo...

...a fateful mistake of mixing gin tonic and a mana potion, however, caused him to chant the wrong words while using a portal. Passing through the portal, he unexpectedly went to one of the world's worst places:

Pasig, Philippines. (No, really. you guys should visit it sometime...)

Found by Mark Poa while trying to resurrect a broken television, he had since followed the youth around, complicating both of their lives. The Necro is totally unfamiliar with the modern world and acts like a total doofus at times. Most of the knowledge he gained about our world had come from television and pop culture.

Riffing Style:
-Quotes from a variety of sources: television shows, books, anime, etc.
-Does song riffs, but only those which are really popular
-Can go dark, as is natural for someone of his training
-Is generally insensitive about statements about death and similar stuff. He *is* a Necro...

-Has a fear of bugs
-Has a fetish for bones and skeletons (he carries a long femur bone as a pendant around his neck)
-Is naive, but is quick to learn... and long to forgive nor forget
-Makes strange comments about "Digging up graves for fun" and the like
-Can go on long rants about the "beauty of death's sleep," "cold sweet embrace of the dark arts," and the like
-Can cast Teeth, Raise Golem, Raise Skeleton... but has trouble because of faulty spell ingredients

Power Syphon - Majin

Power Syphon is a avatar remnent from a TM! self-insertion fic that I had an idea for (it featured 2 SIs myself in it). Thus far the only powers he has stolen are those from Kagato and Tsunami. He desires the logical, systematic distruction of all realities, though he has yet to realize that such a task is impossible as the very action of him appearing in a reality creats a new one which acts as if he never appeared. Inexplicably he is both purely logical and purely insane.

"Psycho" Magitek Master - Magitek Master

Basically, she's MM minus the coherency and a whole bunch more tolerant towards hentai. She's got black eyes, red irises, and tiny white round pupils. Instead of having exactly 58 large, shark-like teeth, she has thousands upon thousands of crooked, uneven needle-like teeth. Also, you might notice that her halo has lost its golden sheen, now simply a dull yellow.

Riffing Style: Yaoi - Any kind, any shape - Hentai riffs, crude jokes, purposely making jokes that annoy uptight riffers, and basically being a complete pain in the @$$.

- She doesn't call herself Psycho MM, and most folks would be wise to follow suit. In her mind, she's still Magitek Master.
- Although she's a lot more tolerant of hentai, she can only stand yuri riffs to a certain point. Luckily, she seems a whole bunch less violent than normal MM.
- Bishonen beware. She is _obsessed_, and isn't nearly as prudent as normal MM.

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