Reader/Author-Submitted Links

Anime Links

Links pertaining to anime: translations, productions, official sites and "Punching Your Beloved Into LEO For Dummies"

Artist Links

Links to pretty amazing original works and fanart.

Fanfiction And MiSTing Links

Where Indie Madnesse authors and readers find their most favorite fanfictions posted and their least favorite fanfictions roasted.

Video Game Links

Links pertaining to video games and the wacky companies that create and release them

Miscellaneous Links

Favorite links that (currently) defy classification

I wanna submit something!

Okay. Just two simple guidelines:
1. Think sites, not files. If you have a specific image, article, song, or other whatsit you'd like to share, please feel free to post it on the message board. Please submit only links to sites (or sections within larger sites) to be listed here.
2. Keep it (fairly) clean. Let's say PG-13 or thereabouts. Anything with a big ol' warning page, for example, is not likely to pass muster.

Dandy! How do I do it?

Just mail Mervyn or W4 with the name of the site, the address, and a brief description that explains what the site is or why you like it.

If you are familiar with HTML and want to make my life a little easier, you can just copy and paste the text below into your mail program, replacing the stuff in ALL CAPS with the appropriate information.

   <a href="URL OF SITE">


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