W4's Fanime 2002 Report: Saturday

I had survived one day behind the mask. I even won a prize in a DDR Tournament. Today was going to be a good day.

"Woofer no BAK- Hey!  You're
not supposed to FILM this!"
"Ranma, be sure to get
my pummeling side..."
"Amazon women no have need
for weak fanfic writers!"

Well, what parts of today I'd remember would be a good day.

Instead of wandering the floors, I started today by going to the Fan Fiction panel.
The Fan Fiction Panel
From left to right, they are Nick Leifker, Jim Lazar , Peter L. Ward , Christopher J. Olsen and Joseph Palmer. The panel focused on basics (i.e. where to go for proofreading help, generally bad ideas, how to post a fanfiction). Sadly, improvisational fanfiction ("Oh? You mean ImproFanfic?" "No. I mean the genre of improvisational fanfiction in general." "You mean like ImproFanfic?" "*slaps forehead*") was underrepresented. I guess I'll have to find some way to get onto the Fan Fiction panel at Anime Expo. We'll see how my quest for that goes.

After the panel, I hit the floors again.
"..........(That fabric softener
"..........(I don't think so!)"
True fact: the cosplayer in the above picture didn't know who I was supposed to be. Then again, neither did most of the Street Fighter cosplayers. ^_^;;

In the few moments I could shed my costume (or at least take those darn gloves off), I added Megumi Hayashibara's "Shamrock" to my CD collection. I also bought this, soon to be added to the omake sections of Reforming Evil Can Be Trickly and Forgot About Jae:
Fuuma and Krizalid are... Dumb And Dumber!
Thanks go out to Jen Wong who drew this.
Equally impressive were the two ladies who used cellos to play anime and video game music.
Anime Expo or bust!
They were trying to collect money to go to Anime Expo. I hope they make it.

In addition, I got pictures of a few cosplayers that caught my eye.
The one on the right is Young.
Jubei-chan and Kinnosuke
This REALLY impressed me.
There are people walking around in those guardian logs.

Dinner time came, and Young and 15 of his friends ("Suikonvention," anybody?), myself included, headed to a sushi bar for dinner. The conversation was mostly previous conventions, DDR and anime, as to be expected. And the waiter...
"I spent 40 MP and you give me LITE BEER?!?"

"Alpha!" *snrk*

Curse you, Zach. Now I laugh uncontrollably when I hear that word. ^_^;

That evening, the floor was dead on account of the Masquerade event. At midnight, I tried my hand at another DDR tournament. This one was "Challenge Mode."
Round 1: Complete "1-2-3-4-007" on Single Maniac with less than 1.2 million points.
Round 2: Complete "Bumblebee" on Single Maniac with as many misses as possible (while still passing the song, natch).
Round 3: Complete "Butterfly" on Single Maniac in Hidden mode and with the bottom of the screen obscured by paper.
Round 4: Complete "Silent Hill" on Single Basic in Stealth Shuffle Mode while the judge does the song on Single Basic.

That fourth round killed me. Legs sore and eyes heavy, I stumbled back to my room and headed to bed.

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